My next 45-years:

As I slowly restore the first property my mother owned 10% of when I was 5, I can’t help but quietly go over the experiences of my life. Good, Bad, and Indifferent. I’d paid the owner $125k. I spent another $45k for a trailer that sits on clay to one of her other business partners. This might sound crazy, but I’ve done everything I ever want to do. I’ve accomplished everything I wanted to achieve. I’m not a millionaire.

When I was a kid, I was taught you work, save your money, pay cash for everything, own your own home, and retire with a pension. Then pensions went away and got replaced with 401k’s, the government saying I might not get social security when I turn 62, and some guy on the TV is saying I need to work harder and save more money. I’m 25-years old being told I need $300,000 in my retirement account by 62, to retire and do nothing. Then the twin towers fall.

I’m a Gen-X’r, you know the Generation that alway got the shaft become our parents practiced population control and had to deal with 2-Recessions like adults. Here’s an easier way to remember Gen-x: I was 45 during the 45th President of the United States and turned 46 during the 46th President of the United States. They ended the Vietnam war for US!

So apparently if I have $1,000,000.00 at 50, I never have to work again. I actually had a conversion with a Stepford Husband about how his mother in-law was only left with a Million dollars and he doesn’t know how anyone could retired on just a million dollars. He didn’t have a lot of friends and his wife is pretty private. That whole corporate path “Women who have it All” theme. They could have more kids but he doesn’t have the hips for it

Most important, college never taught him about passive income, tax shelters, and death.

What’s passive income you ask? So my best friends mother talks us into going to Woodstock 94′, she always wished she went to the first one. We find one more person to buy the block of 4-tickets, the 3rd bails and says, “do want you want with my ticket.”We’re waiting for the shuttle buses and some guy is asking if anyone has a spare ticket? All he had to trade was an ounce of mushrooms. Give me a hot plate and I can cook us up three customized omelets. Apparently, these weren’t the mushrooms you buy at your local Trucchi’s. We didn’t exactly give away the tickets for some extra food. We made about $800, which in 1994 is a good amount of money to spend at a 3-day musical festival. That’s passive income. It’s taxable but you didn’t have to do anything for it. Maybe have a friend or two that respects and knows each other. Maybe a favor to repay when your crazy brother starts a fight with the Walker St. gang at the Taunton Cinemas.

Let’s get back to the Stepford Husband. He couldn’t survive if his wife kicked to him to the curb with only a $1,000,000.00 … or could he? Have you encouraged your wife to buy real estate rental units? How about a coffee shop with a small one bedroom on top? How about a strip mall in the Black part of town, Maybe even Brockton. If you bought a 3-family in Brockton 7-yrs ago for $160,000k it’s worth about $600k today. If you rent the other 2-units to two families you trust in that Brockton Community you’re probably paying the mortgage, clearing about $2000k a month, and working doing whatever the fuck you want to do. That’s about $3600 in passive income. This is why you keep receipts. The caveat to passive income is there’s to do work here and there. That stuff is tax deductible. Which isn’t tax credit, tax credit are next level stuff. Think Tesla.

My community respects dads who pay child support. That is all.

Back to being 45. I felt like I’ve done it all. I found my three great ones. I helped everyone I could until I couldn’t help them no more. I experience everything I thought I wanted or needed. I have this great, great beautiful daughter. I even I this big big beautiful family other than the Newes’s. I love the people who I decided to keep in my community and the new ones that i decided to let into my community.

If in one instance, everyone disappeared and it was just you, how would you rebuild your community? I’m 45.

How was your 2020? How did you improve your community? I’m not even old enough to live in an over 55-community. I run my own stock portfolio. One stock that’s going to pay the heating bill for next year. Maybe I’ll play with a thousand, Alex.

Passive income. How are you going to have passive income by the time you’re 45? How are you going to afford you next 45-years?

Who wants a fairy godmother?

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How do you know if you have it all?

I forget how old I was or what year it was, Let’s say 19ish. I had this great Ford F-250, a Toyota Camry, a full-time job, going to college full-time, and had a smoking underage girlfriend. She was 17 and literally smoked.

There was a day as I was walking up the walkway, up the two steps onto the covered porch holding a 12-pack of Molson Ice, looking through the picture window and thinking, “This is all I want.” It was a 2-bedroom trailer-home with a living room, a bedroom and mudroom added on to it. I’m a minimalist, so literary – at that moment in time – I felt like this was all I wanted out of life. I honestly felt like I was on the path to “Having it all.”

So she sleeps with a 23-yr old semi-pro football player, the camry gets smashed, I wind up in Los Angelos, and score a Job at a Book-Bindery and befriend a smoking hot Swedish Exchange student and again she smoked too. I guess I had a thing for blondes who smoke that were smoking hot.

That’s were I learned about making new friends, being part of the Melrose Place of the Venice Beach community, and again this time walking into the ocean after work as I lie on my boogie board with that feeling of this all I want. I walk back home grab a 6-pack of Pale Ale and just hang-out in the courtyard.

The Internet and Digital age made my value as an Expert Book Bindery Machinist almost obsolete. Those bonus checks stopped paying the Venice Beach Rent, some barely paid for the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

I move back home, my mom dies, I inherit that same trailer, buy a tacoma, fix up that trailer and I as i return home and walk up the walkway, my best friend in the window getting ready for work, my future wife pulling in the driving – I was over blondes, this one was a smoking hot strawberry blonde who smoked – and me thinking I have it all.

Life by no means was all Roses, the septic system fails to the point that it has to be replaced. Have you ever had to replace the septic system on a 3-bedroom trailer home with a mudroom with a washer and dryer that sits on clay? You can either move the trailer or demolish it and rebuild. It was cheaper and easier to obtain financing and rebuild.

Since the in-laws didn’t have room for all 3-of us, I was told to bring my best friend to the Orchard. He ends up getting married, we have a child, I become enough of an expert that my wife has the option to become a stay-at-home mom which is what she always wanted. This was our Definition of “Having it All.”

Our total income was around $90k and I could make that, if I work just a hair more. Do you think we have it all? Brand new house, 2-car garage, a beautiful baby girl. What does having it all mean to you? That income level puts us about $15k above the price of our pursuit of happiness. I was tired, sore, and cranky, then the pay-cuts starting hitting one after another (no paid overtime, you make too much, we’re cutting your territory in half) . My ex-wife goes back to work with tears, tears, tears in her eyes as she puts our daughter into daycare. What does “having it all mean to you?”

This was around 2006, Barack was nothing but a pipe dream and a book called, “Hope”

I look around feel I went too far, too fast, without a break since my mother’s death. The ex-wife is a ball full of nerves being home alone all day with her first born and then having to learn how to delegate childcare as she returns to the workforce and reclaim her self-worth (who wants to know how a bridge-loan works, MF’rs). We achieved that definition of “Having it all” as we became a Nuclear Family which blew up in our faces.

We end up divorced. We sell our big beautiful home, she finds her beau, they buy this big beautiful home, i buy this shitty old duplex from Fagerberg – who actually isn’t Jewish – rent it out, travel, wish i sold it years ago, but it helps offset child support payments and taxes. He was my mentor, he’s not Jewish. Off I go trying to figure out what “having it all” means for me.

After a few years exploring the parts of New England I never been, In the name of MS, I return home. Now that rental: The place is a disaster, a literal disaster. So I fix-up the place up with my free time as my daughter is older and she doesn’t need me so often – she’s at that sleepover stage. Then I get a call about a guy that I always thought “had it all” [stay-at-home wife, 3-kids, highest salary in the company] and he up, poof, and died. He went to the hospital for stomach pain and died 3-days later. What’s your definition of “having it all?”

The guy has a name it’s Steve. I’m a little early for his funeral and haven’t worked on Cape Cod in years. As I’m sitting in the park lot eating wings out of a styrofoam container from a Stop and Shop buffet – it’s a close 2nd to Lambert’s Salad bar. I left knowing that i want to retire here.

I hit on Steve’s blonde wife while letting my Manager and a Competitor’s Manager know: if there’s work on the Cape, I’m here. I’vw transitioned into brunettes that don’t smoke, plus the 3-kids. That’s not having it all for me. I slowly weasel my way back onto Cape Cod and the Island.

I end up back on the island, home in this shitty little duplex 20-minutes from my daughter and all her loved ones, and get shipped off to Boston now and again with no fucking traffic. “I’m 35-minutes with the ice coffee!” Looking back at my 19-year old self and comparing our lives. I would tell him, “He’s right, you having everything you need, and we’re out of Pale Ale” (ON IT!) I don’t have it all but I have all I need.

This “Having it all” thing is actually a white upper middle class college educated woman with old money to fall back on wine about. Some just figured out they don’t need to work to have it all.

From the outside in, I would say my ex-wife has it all. She has my child support, her full-time job, a husband with a full-time job, two beautiful daughters, two-sets of retired grandparents to help with the kids, and a small trusted village and large trusted community. She even figure out how to work from home and be a stay-at-home mom while being happy. I can’t tell you “how to have it all”, maybe try listening her.

What does “having it all” mean to you? Can you “have it all” and “do it all” in the same lifetime?

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What’s your biggest mistake?

For me, it was making a right turn at Lindo’s instead of turning left and banking a hard after the Green School.

Just before I left the party, I asked Dave if he’s ready to go home, he was keeping the fire lit. He said, I’m fine.

I said I’ll try to swing back after I drop these girls off, we got plenty of room!

Dave always rides for free. The black hyundai excel just needed $6 of gas to make it to Maine and back and everyone always had $2.


So I dropped everyone off safely at home, and head home.

I’m at the four corners, staring at the lights .. Maria’s on my Left

Lindo’s is forward (year’s later i would drop acid with little stevie, and end up at the same light the day after. When Stevie’s like, “you want to smoke?”)

Lindo’s is on the right this time. The light changes and i proceed. Stevie looked at my like what the f….!!! I look at him and say, “my light was green.” Stevie replies, “it looked red to me, that’s all I’m saying.”

Dave was left turn away.

I turned right. He said…

I’m 45-years old and that’s the only mistake that I regret.

I was 17-yrs old. 3-months later I found number 2? of the good ones. (it’s a goodfellas reference)

When was the first time you truly found love…

I remember my step-dad with my mom helping me pick out bracelets…

Without mistake’s you don’t have laughter, you don’t remember what you have learned.

Without mistake’s you don’t make new friends, you don’t remember what you have learned.

Without mistake’s don’t get married too early and have a daughter…. and find number 3!

I’m at the stage of my life where I focus on teaching my daughter that’s it okay to make mistakes. The most important things is to make friends and be happy.

Without mistakes, life becomes pretty boring and you forget to call the ones you Love.

What was your first love?

For my daughter it’s a tie between Miss Jess and Inch worms!

The easiest way to make a little girl happy? Replaced the dead inche worms she hid in her pockets at recess and find a little home for them.

Imagine a place where my home is worth less than yours, but i’m three times richer than you.

(Dad you left your laptop open.)

Where was I?

Mistakes. The smartest people I met during my childhood committed suicided because their parent wouldn’t allow them to make mistakes. 800 math SAT smart. I think one or two got a perfect 1600!

Seems like mother earth is telling everyone to take a break.

Harvard square seems pretty empty if you ask me..

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Less New York, less Hollywood more 50-50 voter spreads communities.

Los Angeles Lakers Boston Celtics Larry Bird at Larry’s retirement tribute in 1993

I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better. ~Abraham Lincoln

The election is a forgone conclusion, I know it, my neighbor knows it, Biden knows it, even Trump knows it. If it wasn’t for Covid, there’s a good chance Trump would have won. If it wasn’t for George Floyd, the margin of Victory for Biden would have been even bigger. Are you still waiting for Trump to say uncle?

I honestly don’t know how much Trump is worth, if you ask my neighbor he’s Priceless. All I know is if you want to stay a billionaire, you need at least 2-billion dollars. The price of stuff goes up and down. 1 billion today might be 2-billion tomorrow, or it might be 800-grand tomorrow. After doing my own research, listening to my neighbor – deciding that I’d rather mow my own lawn than spray his yard for mosquitoes – I can tell you Trump is a brilliant marketeer and brand manager. He’ll land on his feet once his Presidency ends. The first Billionaire President of the United States.

I remember talking with older black folk when Barack first got elected and how they were too old to stand at the inauguration ceremony, but it meant so much to them that they flew to DC and made sure their son went to witness it. These were people who grew up during the Civil Rights era, when black folk didn’t have any civil rights, but had a lot of commonsense. They taught me that no matter the problem, we sit down with a box of wine and talk until we find a solution.

Back to my hometown where a box of wine is a box of wine, not a box of wine bottles.

Both will work, unfortunately my body doesn’t process wine so good. What’s your remedy for my problem?

If you watch the news, it’s black and white for Trump and Biden, my town and county is around 53-percent Republican 47-Democrat, most just say Independent. We’ve grown up and have become Racially and Culturally educated so that we know not to judge a person by the color of their skin. If anything, when someone comes to our small town and wants to tells us Black Lives Matter, it’s aggravating, we learned that 35-years ago. Here if someone is making you feel uncomfortable, it’s because we’re sizing you up, my daughters (2-girls, 1-son) are single. Are the cities really 35-years behind us on Race and Culture Relations?

So now the topic of the day is how to handle Covid, it’s actually been pretty easy for US. The Nurses, the Lab Tech’s, and the Carpenter – who’s body fights off everything know to man – We know enough that its not the Black Life Matter sign to pay attention to, but the old guy who fell and has a black eye. If you have the Covid don’t respond.

Side note: a Hangover is Covid! FACT

When you’re ready, let us know. Hey we legalize weed!

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So I got pulled over…

I finally made it back home to my smalltown…my hometown, the H3 needed an inspection sticker. The kid at the local mobil station – scrapes off the inspection sticker – and then tells me, “I can’t pass you, you’re plates don’t reflect.” (10-yr old plates)

So I tell Maddy that I need the phone for like 2-seconds. I pull up the RMV website and order new plates and we are off to Walmaart and PetSmart.

We jump into the H3, and I strap her… she straps, I strap her into her Britax carseat.

Right in front of fisher’s place, It’s called Harry’s now… I blew right through the stop sign (he tapped the brakes, your honor)… It’s called a Yield Sign Your Honor. So this officer full of piss and vinegar pulls me over for not having an inspection sticker on my window.

“I keep my hands on the wheel (10-and-2) He has his K-9 who is sound asleep. My daughter not so much. She’s a little worried, sca.. not scared daddy.

I text a best friend while the officer walks back to his police car (why would you shoot an officer in the back while your daughter is in the car) The officer hands me a ticket for failure to stop in front of JJ’s??

I text a friend while telling Maddy that my mom work’s at Harry’s (small talk) when it was called JJ’s and I like fried clams and mints.

The officer handed me the ticket and Terry txt me said, “I’ll take care of it, just keep the receipt!”

it was a little bit too late but at the same time “on-time” … Maddy understood and off we went. I complied and went on with my day, so maddy can run Khomeini (The Oil Change Place) . She’s 12. this story is an old one…

and odd one…

Back to the story….

Who’s your Saul??? Your lawyer!!!! Your best friend that will never tell a soul about life.

Who knows how to make sure that Covid-19 doesn’t interfere with MS- Fusion treatments, the dialysis treatments, the organ treatment program. ….

Who still works sunday’s just so his daugter can have a better life? My Lawyer.

So you need to call Saul>>>

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The silence… memorize your goals

Where do you want to be in a year?

I remember being at a funeral for a guy who worked on Nantucket and made more money than anyone in this room, Laurel was there, Bob was there too, Jim?

I was living in Sharon at the time, working in the Chestnut Hill/Newton area, my spanish isn’t so good, so Dorchester is all Mike!

I was early and just sitting in a parking lot eating some wings, just happy, you know just happy. I swear, I heard St. Steven say you belong here.

So I started hustling for a Pest Control Job on the Cape. I have like 15-years experience and know how to get rid of anything that irks you. The guys from New Hampshire and New York, would tell everyone that I make too much money and cut my salary in half. The truth is I wouldn’t lie for them. I just never trusted them as they put my name on every work order since I was the only one with a Supervisory License.

They fired Bob, the only one with Wisdom and a license. I literaly worked with Bob since day 1. So I show up to a client who requested me, she just bought her first home and my boss or his saleperson said, “she is infested with mice”. Then don’t tell her that I and another guy will be at the house to do her pest control and mouse exclusion. She’s comfortable with me – a black woman in a hatian neighborhood – and know i can be done in 10-minutes or 40, it doesn’t matter to me.

So this drunk clown shows up, who i didn’t know about, I was planning a in-and-out Saturday stop. She and some friends have been trying to seal every nook and cranny to keep the mice out. I let her know, it’s $600 for me to do that.

I saw the tears in eyes – alone without a Hatian family to learn on – So I call Saul and quit. I don’t know how it ended ask Saul.

Back to the story:

So I’m at Steve’s funeral and know, deep in my heart, I know…I was to retire here.

It was a little balancing act as Bob lost like 100-lbs! and I bouncing around from the Cape and Boston, there’s literary no traffic.

It’s like Bob was Born Again!!!

Anyway, where do you want to be in a year? 12-months. Are you willing to work 18-24 months for it?

I was.

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How do your teach your kids to be part of and build a community?

In my family, I was one of three or four white Cape Verdes, one of sixty-three grandkids. My best friend growing up was my black cousin – who the Summer Park counselors didn’t believe that we were actually related by blood and first cousins – It took us a better part of a day after 3-weeks of getting to know eachother to go over every legal definition of the word cousin. We were born just 15-months apart and no suntan lotion was require according to our light skin black possibly twin moms.

They literary passed for twins their entire life. So the summer camp counselors learn something new that year.

We grew up together, we never talked about racism or if someone was gay within the bubble that our parent’s created for us, we just learned to judge people on their merits. I moved away and he was left to defend himself in the white old town with a couple racist.

We caught back up in during the Wigga years when you’d search the radio for NWA, [eric b and rakim] and find yourself listening to Richard Marx – Hazard. I think his favorite band was Tear for Fears???

Anyway he was aways just him and still didn’t or didn’t express to me that he experienced racism, we grew up together, if we couldn’t beat a guy up, we have a couple of cousins from New Beige who can.

He’s the black friend that every racist claims to be friends with. It’s fun catching up with him at a family cookout, a wedding, or a funeral, trying to remember the names of all our 61-cousins and the family member we never met.

15 was about the age we experience racism are realized people can be gay.

He moved to Carolina and teaches his daughter golf much like his father taught him football.

I moved back home and teach my daughter how shop at target much like my mother taught me how to shop at the local mall.

How does your son learn how to become a cop instead of an Amazon delivery driver?

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The RAT!

Let’s just say the entire economy went to the dog park,  and here you are just picking up dog “poop”, you weren’t forced to retired, you were just sent home until further notice… via Lauren

The first place I would go is Federal Hill in Providence Rhode  (roadie from Mass)  Island, there’s a good place that serves Authentic Mexican Food with a smoking hot italian.



Who remember’s riding bikes to Slater Park with mike? It’s deserts at Gregg’s on ME.

So there’s a story out there about me and a Bully, The Boz was the Anti-Hero and I was the Anti-Bully.

For a Bully with a dad who’s been in Vietnam, he ducked and ran like a gook in WWII facing Admiral  Nimitz


Here’s the cool park of this story, “he said hey mike!” and gave me a chance to turn around, he ducks quicker than I can throw a punch. A match made in heaven. General.


He became special forces – me just a guy driving past the anawan grange hall – as he calls.

I’m knock, knock, knock on heavens door…. 9/11 Boston Bombers

So Bloomberg crack my windshield…. Farm Neck



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The one Ray Liotta to make me care

How do you convince a friends to accept your viewpoint? How would you get a friend to vote for your view point? First of all, I hope you can define a friend, or know one when you see one!

All of my friends accept my viewpoint …there’s just something in common that we have … a truth if you will….

We’ve been sanitizing this conduit for about 150-years (read your shampoo bottle), nobody’s made it to 150… I got another 20 or so years left in me.


If your rich compared to the barista that serves you coffee every day, take public transit to work through the shutdown of Boston, especially if you an introvert,  everything is sanitized, except for you, with you had not human interaction for 3-months.

I believe in the Universe and the Universe wants us recreate communities. Whole hearted communities.

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The Bully and Snapchat:

Apparently you can’t just slap a little witch in the face anymore, you have to be all tactical. So it took the village 3-years for the bully to learn her ways… my way would end us up jail, I value Ms. Muffin’s butter and jam on toast to risk that again.

My daughter was actually oblivious to the bully,  other than the fact that she would just avoid her friends her bully,  which in turn would cause her friends want to avoid the bully.

Me and her Step-dad totally bro’d it out and fbi’d profiled her to a T!

bully finger

Meanwhile, Magnificent Moms surgically deleted every bulling post.

bully trinity

I’m.. we are just glad we didn’t have to catapult little miss bully through a wood chippper.

So as I’m taken a victory break… I realized the ladies are CIA level social media mom hackers.

Which if your a half decent parent, your kids could care less that your a CIA Mom, heck they might even be willing to put on daddy’s Apple watch.

So after spending 4-minutes trying to get my daughter’s attention while on TikTok, I tell her she own’s 5-shares.

She own’s 5 shares of $SNAP google it!

I can still parent like a mother eff’r… she has s shit eating grin, smiling ear to ear in her comfy Hollister swag. Maybe we should bring back home economics…. that was my favorite classbully daddy

So snapchat is a hard boiled egg… she responds, “dad you just killed snapchat!”

Bad analogy!

I ask my daughter, “how long do you thing snapchat will last?”

So my daughter has a couple of shares in Snapchat as she falls asleep to tiktok wishing dancebyte would buy her shares…

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